Top 10 Things Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Homeowners Insurance

Top 10 Things Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover, When you own a home and pay your homeowners insurance premiums each year, it’s easy to believe your home and belongs are covered under any circumstances.Unfortunately, even all-risk homeowners insurance policies exclude certain events and kinds of loss from policy coverage.

To ensure you have the insurance coverage you believe you do, review the top 10 things homeowners insurance doesn’t cover and check your policy.

1:Floods caused by acts of nature are typically not covered by standard homeowners insurance policies unless you have a flood insurance rider.

2:When your home is still under construction, your homeowners insurance policy will not cover theft of items from the construction site.

Top 10 Things Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Top 10 Things Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover

3:If your home is vacant for an extended period, your homeowners policy may not cover vandalism.

4:Mold and fungus issues with the home are not covered when due to your own negligence or neglect of the property.

5:In areas with substantial earth movement activity, damage caused by earthquakes may not be covered unless you have an
earthquake rider or stand alone policy.

6:Some homeowners insurance policies exclude water damage due to sewer backups.

7:During times of war, damage caused from military combat or attacks are often not covered.

8:Homeowners insurance policies will not cover damage to your home or property that arise from your participation in illegal activities.

9:When you run a daycare facility from your home, your home insurance may not cover damage related to your work.

10:Dog owners of certain high-risk breeds may not have coverage in the event their dog bites someone on their property as part of their homeowners policy.


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