How to Pay With a Debit Card Safely

How to Pay With a Debit Card Safely

You can pay with a debit card, rather than cash or a credit card. A debit card is “attached” to your bank account, so the funds go directly from your bank account to the merchant’s account. Here Are How to Pay With a Debit Card SafelyWhen the cashier asks how you would like to pay, request a debit payment. Most stores will accept debit – if you’re unsure, just ask before you pay.

Slide your debit card through the PIN pad.
Touch or press Debit to pay with debit.
How to Pay With a Debit Card Safely1

Select the account you wish the funds to be deducted from.

Verify the amount on the screen matches the amount you are purchasing. In instances where you can add a tip, like a restaurant or a hair salon, indicate the amount of tip you’d like to add – if not just click “OK” to bypass the addition of a tip to the transaction.

Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and touch or press Enter.

Select if you want cash back.

If you want cash back, select how much cash you want back.

If you feel that the vendor or store is unsafe, cancel your transaction, don’t take your items, and leave the store/vendor.

Make sure you have the available balance in your account.

Never lend your debit card to anyone or tell them your PIN number.

Always ensure that a merchant never goes out of your sight with the debit card.

It’s a good idea to change your PIN at least once a year. This also holds true for any other passwords for financial transactions, like your bank machine,online banking, or credit cards with a microchip that require a PIN instead of a signature to complete a transaction.
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Using Your Debit Card Safely

.Rule number one. Keep your PIN a secret. …
.Watch your email. Your tech savvy friends know, email is probably the most common method of identity theft and electronic .fraud. …
.Be smart online. …
.Don’t wait. …
.Keep an eye on your money. …
.Protect your card.
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