4 Ways the Holiday Season Could Impact Insurance

4 Ways the Holiday Season Could Impact Insurance

While the holiday season may be a time for family and friends to come together and enjoy each other’s company, it’s also a time for insurance risks that aren’t necessarily around during the rest of the year. Before you get into the full festive swing of the season, be sure to review the four ways the holidays could impact insurance to safeguard your family’s finances.
Hera are the 4 Ways the Holiday Season Could Impact Insurance

ough Christmas trees, candles and decorative lighting inside and out can be the hallmarks of the holiday season for many, they also increase the risk of fire—be it from a candle too close to the décor or a wiring issue with the lights on the tree.

Since the average Christmas tree fire can cause around $100,000 in damage, it’s critical that your home insurance policy is in force during the holiday season. It can also be a good idea to scan a copy of your policy into your computer and upload it to cloud storage.

This will ensure that you’re able to get the information you need to deal with the damage in the event that the original policy was lost in the fire. 4 Ways the Holiday Season Could Impact Insurance.
Icy Conditions

Icy weather conditions can be a triple threat when it comes to insurance because holiday weather can make roads slick, sidewalks treacherous and falling ice from your roof a potential hazard.


If you expect to do any driving when icy weather rolls through, you may want to consider carrying full coverage auto insurance rather than just liability. This ensures you’re able to cover the damage to your vehicle as well as anyone else’s if there’s an accident.

The lead-up to the holiday season is also a good time to review your health insurance coverage so you know which hospitals and emergency rooms in your area are covered. If you slip or get hit by a giant piece of ice falling off the roof, this can help you ensure your copay is in-network.

Personal Injury

In addition to worrying about your own safety at home during the holiday season, it’s also critical to consider the safety of any guests or workers who visit your home.

While any workers you hire should ideally carry their own liability insurance, you’re technically liable for any injuries incurred by guests who slip on an icy walkway to your front door.

Your home insurance can help you cover these costs, but it’s best to keep the path to your door de-iced, as any significant claims could lead to an increase in the annual premium.

Also of concern over the holidays is allowing intoxicated friends to leave your party in their car. If they get into a car accident on the way home, you could be found liable for their injuries—or the other party’s injuries—if you provided the alcohol.

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When you rent a home or apartment, having renter’s insurance is never more important than it is over the holiday season. Your landlord’s insurance policy will only cover the structure, so if you’re the victim of a Christmas tree fire, replacing your belongings remains your financial responsibility.

Even if you’re especially cautious, the carelessness of a neighbor in an attached unit could still create fire, smoke or water damage.

As a renter, all the same personal injury liabilities will apply to you as most homeowners. Without renter’s insurance, you could be stuck paying for the medical bills of friends out of pocket during a time of year when you can least afford it.
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